Service Terms of www.alllive.online

All terms and conditions in this document apply to your access to the Website  www.alllive.online.

Accessing the website is considered that you acknowledge and accept all terms and conditions, so if you do not agree to be bound by one or all of the terms, please do not access the website.

The company reserves the right to amend or change any terms of service, policy or manual of the website at all times based on discretion of the company. Aforesaid amendment or change would be immediately effective after the amended announcement on the website and when you agree to disclaim any rights that you may have in acknowledgment of such revisions. Therefore, if you do not agree with the aforesaid amendment, please stop using the website.

Registration and User Account

The company reserves the right to only registered users for creating an account on the company's website that would be able to make a purchase, services and various activities provided on the website, for example ordering products or buying tickets to the show, etc. When you agree to create an account, it is considered that you agree as follows:

  • Only a user can register to create an account.
  • You agree to provide correct and true information which is updated.
  • You will update your information regularly.
  • You will secretly maintain the security of your account and password and restrict third parties from accessing your account and computer.
  • You will notify the website and the company of any suspected violation regarding your account security.
  • You agree to be responsible for any activities that occur through the use of your account and accept all risks caused by unauthorized access.
  • For online members under 20 years of age, any financial transaction such as online purchase, you should verify the terms of use with a legal guardian and ensure that your parents understand the terms and conditions of the website.
  • Only the company reserves the right to withdraw your membership immediately without any notice if the company finds out the following actions:
    • You provide untrue information in registration including the information which is not updated.
    • Accessing your account by other persons.
    • Any action through your account which is a violation of the terms of use under the service agreement and other conditions as specified by the company.
    • Any illegal action through your account or using with fraudulent intent.

The company gathers, collects, uses and discloses your information regarding the registration and website use in accordance with the privacy policy which includes but is not limited to the disclosure of your relevant information to the organizer (as defined below). You can consider the details in the document as stated.


  • Do not distribute messages causing damage to others.
  • Do not distribute messages that are illegal, intimidate, threatening, libelous, violated, impolite, obscene, insulting disrespectful or abusive towards others.
  • Inciting riot is prohibited.
  • Do not use for commerce without permission.
  • Accessing the website by others without permission is not allowed.
  • Do not distribute links to the website or any other contents which are against the law or inappropriate.
  • Do not distribute spam, direct marketing contact or advertising sale support media or persuasion, other forms of sales without permission.
  • Do not distribute viruses, spyware, trojan, hidden programs, or any other malicious files causing damage to the website or users.

Conditions of Purchase

You acknowledge and accept that the Website www.alllive.online purposes to provide you to reach Tickets for various shows, copyright products with facility, rapidity and effectiveness. When you make a purchase on this website, it is considered that you agree to the purchase of the products.

  • Orders
    • The purchase confirmed on the website as a completed transaction which means that you have paid including related service charge. The company reserves the right for refund or any transaction cancelling even if those mistakes are caused by a user of the website.

    • Payment
      • You can make a payment according to the method specified by the website.
      • Your payment will be completed after receiving a confirmation from the website.
    • Service Charge
      • A user agrees to any product ordering via the website. The company has the right to charge according to a number specified. The fee may change regarding each activity.
      • Service charge cannot be refunded in all cases.

      • Postponement and Cancellation
        • You agree with the potential cancellation or postponing of activities. The cancellation or postponement will depend on Team consideration.
        • If there is a cancellation or postponement of activities, please follow the information on the website. The Company may provide information about canceling or postponing activities via the website, as the case may be.

      • Refund
        • In case the activity is canceled or postponed, the Team will not responsible for any damage or loss occurring from the postponement or cancellation in all cases.

        • You agree to responsible for the risk that may arise from tools selection to support the Service use of www.alllive.online such as mobile phones, computers, hardware, devices, service fee from using related services.

        Liability Agreement

        • You agree to protect, indemnify, and defend the Company and the company’s executives, directors, employees and representatives of the Company from the demands of compensation, debts, liabilities, and expenses of any kind (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees) as a result of, or are relating to (1) your usage of the Company’s the Website (2) the breach of the Company’s terms and conditions, (3) the breach of the rights of other users or (4) any action committed by you in relation to the Company’s the Website.

          Rules on Intellectual Property Rights

          • All content displayed on the Website shall be subject to the law on Intellectual Property whereby the Company or third parties allow companies to use their Intellectual Property. The content is to be used on the Website only. The Company prohibits any duplication of the said content for other purposes.
          • The Company reserves all Intellectual Property Rights explicitly and originally to www.alllive.online in terms of content, symbols, fonts, graphics, design, and other related content and information. By using this Website, you agree not to duplicate, download, distribute, or disseminate any part of the Website other than for personal usage. You shall not imitate any part of this Website, in any form, unless you have received written permission to do so from the Company. The Company is not responsible for any mistakes in content caused by the breach of Intellectual Property Rights or damage arising from the User, no matter what the circumstances may be.
          • It is prohibited for the User to upload content in order to make changes to the data or any part of the Website, www.alllive.online, without written permission from the Company. Violators are liable for such action. Furthermore, information distributed on the Website, www.alllive.online, shall belong to the Company indefinitely and cannot be claimed with reasons, exceptions, or raise any legal clauses to justify your claim. The Company can do as it pleases with that information or media. The User agrees that the Company holds the rights to modify, adapt, reproduce, publish, distribute data, and information on the Website: www.alllive.online, which the User owns.

          Connecting to the Website

          • PaymentYou acknowledge and manifestly agree that in the case of any implementation of links from other websites to the Website: www.alllive.online, whether for commercial purposes or not, the Company shall not be affiliated with such links and shall not be responsible for any mistakes or damages which may arise from the use of the Website via a third-party website, no matter what the circumstances may be.
          • The Website, www.eventpop.me, contains links to other websites which are not under the Company’s supervision. Therefore, the Company waives any responsibility for any consequences arising from data or activity on those sites, both directly and indirectly.

          Suspension, Modification, Amendment of the Website

          • The Company reserves the right to modify, temporarily or permanently discontinue the Website, or parts of the Website, without notifying in advance. You agree and accept that the Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from any suspension, modification, or termination of the Services or any part of the Website.


          • If any clause in these terms and conditions is deemed unlawful, void, or unenforceable for any particular reason, such clause shall be considered separate from this Service Agreement and this shall not affect the integrity and the effectiveness of the rest of these Terms of Services.